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CCTV Site Survey

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Site Survey:

The physical location of equipment and the customer’s needs are the two primary building blocks of a site survey. Reviewing the existing security procedures and rules with the customer can help us identify improvements that can be made. Performing a threat analysis to identify the need for surveillance is a requirement, but it will also help us identify what the customer is trying to prevent or protect against.

Other important pieces of the site survey include the overall storage requirements, areas to monitor and why, and the necessary levels of security. Another important aspect is the current infrastructure, such as existing equipment, available lighting, cabling, and camera mounting conditions.

Threat Analysis:

A threat analysis considers points of entrance/exit from a building or area, and areas where accidents, crimes, or other points of concern are likely to occur. Performing a threat analysis helps you identify the most important areas of interest, some of them often overlooked by the customer.

Typical areas to monitor include the following:

  • Entrances
  • Cashier areas
  • Reception areas
  • Perimeter areas/fences/windows
  • Storage areas
  • Hazardous areas
  • Stairwells
  • Parking lots
  • Warehouse
  • Emergency exits
  • ATM machines
  • Loading docks / delivery entrances
  • Dumpsters
  • IT room
  • Playgrounds / Gymnasiums
  • Elevators
  • Workshop
  • Alleys
  • Driving and walking gates
  • Waiting areas / lines
  • Hallways
  • Beaten paths
  • Security room
  • Conference rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Aisles
  • Intersections

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    1. How would you describe your current video surveillance needs?

    New systemExpand existing systemReplace existing system

    2. System Application?

    IndoorsOutdoorsBoth Indoor and Outdoor

    3. Location of Cameras - indicate number required at each location.

    • Entrance / Exit:

    • Parking Lot:

    • Perimeter:

    • Hallways / Aisles:

    • Building Exterior:

    • Other (please specify):

    4. Will any of these be 360 degree Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras?

    • Yes (indicate qty):

    • No

    5. Total number of cameras of each resolution your system will require

    • 1MP:

    • 2MP:

    • 4MP:

    • 6MP:

    6. What lighting conditions will you need to record in?

    Daylight/continuously litNightDay and Night

    7. Lens type (specify qty of each)

    • Fixed:

    • Manual Varifocal/Zoom:

    • Motorized Varifocal/Zoom:

    • Fisheye:

    8. Camera Housings (specify qty of each)

    • Dome:

    • Turret Dome:

    • Bullet:

    9. Camera Mounting Bracket (specify qty of each)

    • Wall:

    • Ceiling:

    • Pendant:

    • Pole:

    • Corner:

    • Junction Box:

    10. Camera power (please indicate the camera qty of each power type)

    • 12VDC:

    • 24VAC:

    • PoE (Power over Ethernet):

    11. Will any of these be 360 degree Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras?

    • Yes (indicate qty):

    • No

    12. What transmission method will be used?

    13. What are your recorded video storage requirements?

    14. Will advanced video analytics be required?

    Missing Object DetectionPlaced Object DetectionLoiteringPeople CountingLine CrossingCamera Tampering

    15. Will this system be used with Point of Sale?


    16. Monitor Size (specify quantity)

    18.5"21.5"Larger, specify:

    17. What is your buying timeframe for this system?

    ASAPWithin the next monthWithin the next two monthsMore than two months

    If possible, provide a drawing which notes with the distances between each camera and recorder, as well as any midspan devices anticipated.

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