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Hotel Satellite TV

#1 Low Voltage Company in Orlando, Florida

Third Eye Vision provides local and national Satellite TV sales, service and installation to the hospitality industry.

Commercial Satellite TV for Hotels/Motels

We understand the hospitality needs of hotels, motels, and commercial lodging. The Third Eye Vision will help you provide your guests with a great value, memorable service, and a hospitality experience that will make them want to come back– all within your operating budget. You can save more than 50% than cable, and offer quality programming for as low as $2 per door! With our satellite services, we can help you guarantee a better stay for your guest.

Why use the Third Eye Vision for your Hotels/Motels?

  • Offer Free-to-Guest DirectTV or Dish Network Programs
  • Programming for as low as $2 per door!
  • Stay Competitive
  • Guests Control their own Programming
  • Digital Signage– a revenue opportunity!
  • Worry-Free Installation
  • Bulk Channel Packages Available at 50% Less Than Cable!
  • 100% All Digital Video and Sound Quality
  • Hi-Definition Options Flexible Programming– Channels ala carte or packages that offer everything from ESPN to CNN to Adult Channels
  • Local Channels Included
  • All equipment meets FCC rules
  • In-House and Community Channels Included

There are two different types of systems. DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)  andDIRECTV or DISHNETWORK RACK MOUNT HEADEND SYSTEM (RMHS)

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(DRE) Offers the at home viewing experience to your guest room, enable customers to choose from 100 HD ChannelsStarting at under $3.00 per room.



  • Pro rated upfront cost
  • guest messaging 
  • PMS Integration
  • Interactive program guide
  • Hotel/Motel branded
  • Anti-micro-ball remote
  • Pro: Idiom not required
  • No need for equipment room
  • Parental control
  • Crystal clear HD pictures



  • Must have home run wiring to each room and/or TV
  • RG 6 coax cable
  • 24 month agreement
  • Minimum 20 rooms
  • Not compatible with existing V.O.D/P.P.V. systems

Hotel Satellite TV Products


DirectTV Plate & DVR


Dish Orlando


Direct TV USB

The technology we sell is not the same type of video equipment that
you can get at the nearest retail store.