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4 CH Remote View H.264 DVR CCTV System for Indoors

Increased recording capacity by up to 75% without sacrificing quality.

This Indoor video security camera system is a perfect solution for any store manager or small business owner on a tight budget. It comes complete with 4 black dome video security cameras, a 320GB hard drive, cables and power supply.

Packages Includes

1 Professional Series 4 Channel DVR (320GB) TEV-413D
4 Indoor Dome Cameras TEV-413D
4 100 Feet Pre-Made Cable with Connectors TEV-W001AB
1 Power Supply TEV-12V2AMP
1 Female & 4 Male Power Splitter TEV-DCCORD1F4M

Optical Mouse:   1

Remote Control:   1

BNC to RCA Connector:   1
Remove 4 100Feet pre-made cables
Remove 4 12V500R Individual power supply
Add 500 Feet Siamese Cable with Power
Add 8 BNC Twist-on Connectors
Add 4 DC-Cord plugs
Add One 4 Channel Power Box

System Offers

H.264 for highest quality internet streaming &
storage (4x faster than MPEG4)
Easy-to-Use and simple to install
Live View via the Internet and Mobile Phones
USB drive for easy backup
VGA output for any computer monitor
Use Internet Explorer to view live from
Real time 240 FPS recording for smooth

warranty:   1

Remote Control:   1

BNC to RCA Connector:   1
(For TV Fitting)
Add 1000 Feet Siamese Cable with Power
Add 20 BNC Twist-on Connectors
VGA Monitor

VGA Monitor

Regular TV

Regular TV


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