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Surveillance Solution for Jewelry Stores

#1 Low Voltage Company in Orlando, Florida

Jewelry Stores are the one of the most high crime targeted businesses in US. Jewelry stores need to have adequate cameras to cover 

  • Entrance
  • Exit
  • Overview of store
  • Overview of customer are and show case
  • Close up view of all jewelry cases
  • Wall show case
  • Front of the Store
  • Back of the Store
  • Employee Area
  • Safe

Ideal Surveillance Solution for Jewelry Stores in Orlando, Florida

Jewelry Stores are one of the most burnable stores when we come to talk about robbery and most attractive targets for thief.

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Ideal Security Camera Solution for Jewelry Stores

hikvision cctv Analog

HD Analog Solution 


IP Camera Solution


Smoke Detector for Hotels

System Design, Installation and Warranty:

  • We do site inspection (on site or via internet) with customer and find out exact need and feasibility to run cables in retrofit jobs.
  • Define areas to cover and select camera locations that are mutually agreed.
  • Define cable routes and access to have no or minimum exposure of cables as per codes and client’s budget. Property drawings/map is required.
  • We customize system as per you need and budget unlike others who give you same cameras & DVR for any kind of property or area. We know what works..!
  • We provide you with professional installation by our expert installers and technicians.
  • We run UL approved Siamese cables that are approved by all counties in Florida, Georgia and other states where we serve.
  • Beauty about our installation is to finish job in timely manner. We have enough technicians and installers to complete the job. Your Job will be done in accordance with workmanship.
  • From connectors to cable to material to way of running cables, we DON’T cut short on anything. Quality is what we believe in. We won’t be satisfied if work is not completed in a manner it is supposed to, that gives you assurance that quality job WILL be delivered.
  • System will be installed and configured as per your requirements; Cameras will be focused, aligned and adjusted. Remote surveillance configuration will be setup. We will guide you how to setup your smartphones and computers for remote view. Customer will be trained on system.
  • We will give you a FULL 1 year warranty on parts from Third Eye Vision, and provide you with lifetime tech support and assistance. Please ask for detail terms and conditions.
  • Simply put, we believe in our products, and we are always there for our customers.

The technology we sell is not the same type of video equipment that
you can get at the nearest retail store.