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Most frequent questions about Security Cameras in Orlando


Most frequent questions about Security Cameras in Orlando

The most frequent questions our readers ask us about Home security Cameras in Orlando, Florida

Our readers ask us many questions about security cameras. They like to know everything about certain features, what type of camera suits their needs, and many other considerations. Do not let the number of the different models and functions overwhelm you. We are here to assist you; our frequently asked questions could give answers to some of your questions and potentially keep intruders away and if you need help deciding which camera is best for you, you can go the list of the best home security cameras we have made for you.

Frent answers and Questions about Security Cameras in Orlando


Type of Security Cameras What are the types of security cameras available?

There are a lot of security cameras available on the market at the moment, and each with its own unique features and benefits. Depending on your needs and location, you may find yourself needing a particular model. The features you should consider include indoor, outdoor, zoom, night vision, tilt and pan capabilities. You may also want to consider the style of the camera. Outlined below are some of the various styles of camera you should consider.

1.- Motion Detection Cameras

These ones don’t usually record every moment thus saving a lot of video storage space. They only record when sense movement to capture the activity taking place. These cameras usually alert you of any activity taking place and some will even follow the objects through the room as long as it is within coverage range.

2.- Nanny Cameras

These cameras are used to monitor your nanny and child while you are not around. They are not usually conspicuous however we suggest you inform your nanny that you are recording him or her.

3.- Night Vision cameras

The name encapsulates what this one entails. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and are designed to record footage at night by lighting up poorly lit areas. A lot of cameras come

with this feature but it is imperative that you ensure that your camera has this feature because there are still some cameras without this feature.

4.- Outdoor Cameras

It is important that outdoor cameras have night vision capabilities and should also be waterproof. These are the cameras you use to monitor your front door, yard shed, or any other outdoor space without you being there physically.

5.- Fixed Vs Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras

What differentiates fixed cameras from Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras? Fixed cameras are usually without a lot of features common to other types of cameras. They don’t pan, tilt or zoom. In fact, they perform the same normal security camera job: recording footage of the area within the range of the camera.

In contrast, pan/tilt/zoom cameras have movement capabilities. Some of these cameras with movement capabilities can be repositioned remotely while other must be repositioned by hand. It is more suitable to have a camera you can reposition remotely, therefore ensure you check the camera you want to buy, however, the range of motion varies. The first thing you could consider is the field of view for the lens. Afterwards, you should check the amount of panning, tilting and zooming that the camera can allow. However, pan/tilt/zoom cameras generally allow you to see, at the very least, a large portion of a room. Some cameras have 4x zooms capabilities while others have an even bigger capability’ 8x. Some cameras could even be activated by motion causing it to follow moving objects.

6.- WiFi Cameras

These are the most common cameras on the market today. These ones are WiFi enabled; this means that they are connected through your internet connection in order for you to monitor remotely. They are usually very simple to set up and you can control them from an internet-enabled device. These kinds of cameras include Canary, Piper, Nest Cam, certain security system cameras, and many more. These cameras are interesting as they don’t require to be hardwired into your home meaning no holes in your walls. However, don’t mix it up with wireless cameras; the latter do not require any connection to a power outlet or cables connecting it to other devices. These cameras are powered by batteries although they have to be replaced regularly.

Do security companies have access to my security cameras?

Security companies like ADT, Vivint, Protect America and Footprint don’t have access to your security camera’s image or footage. However some security companies could have access to these things if they provide video monitoring as an added service but with extra charges, so ensure you ascertain whether the company you choose to use offers it or not.

Can video footage be valuable to me when prosecuting?

Absolutely Yes! Anyone in possession of a camera recording of a crime being perpetrated has the responsibility of handing it over to law enforcement. This can assist in apprehending the criminal, besides you could be obstructing justice by not turning the footage over to the proper authorities. This includes outdoor and indoor security camera footage owned by individuals or businesses including ATM cameras.

How can I store my security footage?

There are different ways with which you can store your security footage, however, these methods are dependent on the type of camera you have.

  • The Cloud
  • DVR
  • Directly on your computer
  • NVR
  • Memory cards

Is it possible to see outside if I have an indoor camera installed on the window?

Each camera works differently from the other so it might be difficult to say, however, cameras don’t perform optimally when they are aimed through a window. The camera usually focuses on the window or on a scratch on the window rather than on the events taking place outside.

Are cameras completely wireless?

No, not all cameras are completely wireless. The majority of cameras require plugging into an electrical outlet. However, if they ae powered by batteries, then they’ll most likely be wired into a VCR, DVR, or any other system to facilitate the transfer of data to render the recording viewable. Ensure you check the types of wires required by your camera before buying.

Keep your Business and Home Protected Today

You must never joke with your safety and it is vital that you secure home and business before it’s too late. Video surveillance if a fantastic way to protect the people you care about and your property. Security cameras have become increasingly popular and less expensive making it relatively affordable. We recommend you make a list of what you need in a camera and then you can start searching for your ideal camera with these criteria in mind. You are always free to ask us any questions. We can also assist you in differentiating between a few cameras you are thinking of buying or perhaps just help you learn more about these devices. We are available to help you find that camera that so fits your needs.

Do you still have questions about home security cameras?

Now that you have learnt more about home security cameras, don’t hesitate to take a look below on Amazon to find the type of camera that could fit into your requirements. Remember to have the feature listed and readily at hand just so you can find the home security system best for you.

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