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Hikvision versus Arlo

What camera is better for your home or business in Orlando, Florida?

Hikvision versus Arlo

Hikvision versus Arlo: Which one is best for professional security camera installers in Orlando Florida?

We live in a world of smart security cameras that can do just about anything our mind can imagine. Each year, intelligent folks keep changing and augmenting how we use a camera and what we use them for. From virtual monitoring of your cameras from anywhere in the world for a standby time of more than 24 hours. We haven’t mentioned the ability to store the content of these cameras on cloud storage.

Netgear, Arlo and Hikvision are some of the integrated home surveillance cameras that can do everything from, motion detection sensor, to push notification alert on a smartphone, live stream of videos, zone fencing and much more. A lot of thought process has gone into building this type of camera for both personal use and commercial use.

Arlo on its own is distinct from Hikvision regarding the content they provide. Now and then, we find camera lovers shopping for some of the best gadgets they can lay their hands on giving a dedicated price. Most of these people are familiar with both brands Netgear Arlo and Hikvision and often comparison ensue about which is the best security camera integrated system between Netgear Arlo and Hikvison?


If the most recent launch of cameras is anything to go by, it would be the right thing to do if we tear them down by different compartment to find out each camera’s strength. These cameras are widely sought after around the world, and it would do justice to shed light on what makes each one stand out, starting with;

Hikvision comes with a 2.8-millimeter lens that is fitted to its capture screen and can easily be accessed by taking shots or capturing video recordings. On the other hand, Arlo is known for it’s fixed lens during use.
A fixed lens makes it difficult to remove, clean and apply again. It also means they are tightly sealed with the camera while Hikvision lens is flexible.

Because of the nature of Hikvision camera, it is built with either a 8mp, 5mp, 3mp, 2mp or 1mp resolution all round to give a unique user experience by capturing pictures in HD. They all measure in pixels by (3264 x 2448), (2560 x 1920), (2048X1536), (1920X1080), and (1280X720) respectively. Arlo resolutions are just 1080p.
Pixels give the camera better quality of videos and pictures that can quickly be zoomed in. The higher the pixels, the better the quality.

Night View
Both support night view vision, which means they can capture images even at night with advanced technology.

Motion detection sensor
Hikvison and Arlo have inbuilt motion detection sensors that can capture the movement of anything at any point in time and send them directly to the server. Arlo captures both motion and sound detection on the go.

Motion detection is the top of the level security feature that is present in most integrated security cameras.

Both Hikvision and Netgear Arlo come with an inbuilt two-way speaker and mic set. It’s one of the reasons they can easily connect to outside speakers in case a voice confirmation is needed for the security system.

Hikvison stores it’s recordings in an MS card of almost 128 gigabytes for easy retrieval and documentation. Arlo, on the other hand, makes use of a cloud storage system that is free the first seven days before payment commences.

Cloud storage is essential in case a major accident happens to the physical gadget; data can easily be retrieved.
They both support wifi and remote viewing, although their prices have disparity.
The best option for professionals in Orlando, best security system for business and the best security system in Orlando, is Hikvison

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